what to expect

Expect a confidential environment… Expect to be heard… Expect to hear truth…

Counselors help clients understand their choices and options in order to develop new possibilities. Individual counseling, couples and marriage counseling involves exploring possibilities together in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment. Counselors and clients work at a mutually agreed upon pace while moving toward new insight, growth, healing and change.

Reasons that we avoid Counseling:

•  we just need to be stronger
•  therapy is for people with “serious” issues
•  we just need to "get over it"
•  we will have to give something up (often
unwilling to let go of old beliefs, attitudes and habits that really are hard to change)
•  therapy is unnecessary when you can just talk to good friends and family
•  no one really cares anyway, why bother
•  no one could ever really understand my situation, circumstance and life

Who will i see

Dan Pugel has over 20 years of experience dealing with many issues people face. Read more about Dan here…


Counseling is an opportunity to explore the struggles of life. Everyone experiences setbacks, roadblocks and detours along the journey