Sometimes we struggle with identifying who we are - a true sense of self. This may occur in general or during transitional periods across the lifespan. This may also be paired with the age-old questions "why am I here?" "what is my purpose?" or "what is the meaning of life?".

There is an interesting aspect of identity that can get in the way of knowing ourselves better. The concepts of being and doing can be confused and misinterpreted. We are called human beings and not human doings. At times we are identified by what we do and not by who we are. We can evaluate the importance of others and ourselves by valuing someone for what they do rather than who they are. While we are a “system” and these are interrelated parts we transcend career and job position.

It can be helpful to work with someone to unpack and discover the multi-faceted nature that makes us unique, and explore what gifts, skills, and talents that are dormant or have been overlooked or even denied. 

Many relationships and much self-talk have “shaped” our self-concept and some may be accurate, and some not. Does our  personality match our character. Does self esteem come from a healthy and humble
confidence? There are many ways a counselor can come alongside another and help root through what is true and not true about themselves. They can offer encouragement, support and aid in looking at new ways to discover true identity – personhood.