Premarital counseling


Premarital counseling and preengagement counseling is essential to help couples establish a firm foundation for one of the most complex relationships. Sooner or later (if not already) there will be conflict, confrontation, and differences of opinions between partners. Differences come into the mix: different sex, different temperament, different love language, among other characteristics. Each individual brings in unique experiences (some good, some bad) and our histories can get "triggered" and create struggle, open old wounds, etc.

Premarriage counseling can help couples address many of their concerns from the beginning. New information may be provided, processed and healing allowed to take place so that once married, husbands and wives will experience greater peace and fulfillment.

Prepare-Enrich is an online inventory used in premarital counseling and marriage counseling sessions to assist couples with a more structured assessment of the relationship. Marriage is to be a loving and understanding relationship, where couples compliment one another with a sense of mutual respect. Couples counseling is well worth the investment