PTSD and other Trauma

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other types of trauma occur circumstantially and can often be debilitating and often seem insurmountable. A person suffering with PTSD has experienced or has been a witness to a traumatic event where a threat of death or serious injury occurs to self or others. During the experience or observing of such trauma the individual senses "intense fear, helplessness or horror".

PTSD symptoms may include voluntary and involuntary recurrent thoughts and dreams about the event, intense associations with the event - both externally and internally, intentional avoidance of associations with event, isolation, loss of interest in activities, anger, loss of concentration sleep disruptions among others. (DSM-V)

Other trauma occurs that may not be as pervasive as PTSD yet still interfers with the healthy social, occupational and general functioning of daily life. Both are experiences that can be processed through with outcomes of growth and healing.