life isn't fair


Injustices, OfFenses and Unmet Expectations


Injustices and unmet expectations are common occurrences throughout our lives. We've all been at the end of someone's offenses whether intentional or unintentional. We've been at the brunt of someone's joke, sarcasm or harassment. 

At the same time, we have all experienced unmet expectations. The parent we never had, job we didn't get, accomplishment that didn't work out, a date that tanked, or the parent we never became are a few examples.

While Injustices and Unmet Expectations are common and life isn't fair, we need not struggle our entire lives as a result of the experience. It is possible to be free from the relational disconnect and emotional symptoms that follow us throughout life. Grief counseling is effective and other processes through counseling help to sort through and find peace and resolve.